How to make the most of your caravan this summer

Family having a picnic outside their caravan

Finally; summer is here! With Britain enjoing a mini heatwave over the past few days, there’s never been a better time to plan your next getaway in your beloved caravan or tourer.

At Roundstone Caravans, we know that the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to truly make the most out of your vehicle and realise its full potential; they can be a big investment so making every second count with your tourer or caravan really matters! Here’s a few ways to make the most out of your caravan this summer:

Plan ahead

The freedom that comes with a caravan or tourer is what convinces many people to buy their first caravan; that romantic notion of checking the weather forecast, seeing a clear weekend ahead and being able to jump in your vehicle at your leisure and go wherever you fancy. But this dreamy scenario is only really possible if you’ve planned ahead. With the weeks of summer spanning ahead of us, there’s never been a better time to prep your caravan and get ready for your next escape.

If you’ve not used your caravan or tourer since last summer, be sure to give it a good clean before your first trip this year and ensure all systems are working such as water, gas and electricity. The last thing you want is to delay your ventures as you wait for a handyman or technician! Get any furniture or items out of storage that you might need and stock up on any food and drink you might want. Roundstone Caravan’s accessories shop has a huge range of essentials to choose from to get your trip off to a great, organised start. Doing this means the next time you fancy getting away from it all, you can simply pack your bags, book a holiday park and hit the road!

Prepare for rainy days

With the typically unreliable British weather, it’s always best to plan ahead in case of rain; this way you can make sure any wet weather doesn’t put a true dampener on your holiday or mini-break. Packing board games, packs of cards or your favourite book means you can still enjoy your caravan’s space whilst staying dry and cosy indoors. Another good idea for planning ahead is to check out any indoor activities nearby to where you’re staying. Museums, stately homes or leisure centres will prove invaluable if the heavens do decide to open. And be sure to pack a brolly!

Family in the rain at holiday park

Park hopping

You’ve probably heard of Island Hopping, where holidaymakers go abroad and move from island to island in a sunny location, relishing in the sights and sounds of many destinations. Well, who’s to say you can’t do the same this summer with your caravan or tourer?! Why not see if you can book yourself into multiple touring parks during your vacation and tour a part of Britain that you’ve never been to before? This way, you’ll not only get to experience more of the UK and soak up even more culture but you’ll get to give your vehicle a good few runs on the road; perfect if she’s been holed up in storage all winter!

Share the love

If you’ve got a busy summer ahead and you know your caravan won’t get much TLC, why not consider sharing the love and renting it out or offering it to friends and family for their holiday? Storing your caravan or tourer away isn’t a bad thing but it’s always good to get the engines going and best not to leave it tucked away in a garage all summer. You might even gain a fellow caravan lover out of it if they’re a touring newbie!

Don’t forget the weekends

You may not have time to go away for a long period of time this summer but you can still make the most of of your caravan at the weekends! There’s bound to be a local touring park close to you that doesn’t mean you have to travel miles but can still make the most out of your caravan. A weekend getaway is the perfect excuse to get your friends, family, grandchildren or just you and your partner together for a few days away and doesn’t have to be a hassle or a stress. Leave the office on a Friday and you could be relaxing with a glass of bubbly or a summer-perfect BBQ in no time! Book a few weekends into your diary now and you’ll have plenty to look forward to.

Car towing caravan into sunset

Don’t forget – Roundstone Caravans have a huge range of static and touring caravans on display at our Sussex based showground if you’re looking to kick-start your touring adventures this summer. Just pop in or call 01403 730219 to arrange a visit!


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