Is buying a holiday home a good investment?

Static tourer at holiday park

Are you considering buying a holiday home? Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of owning a smart tourer or a static caravan? We wouldn’t blame you; here at Roundstone, we obviously think that investing in a caravan-shaped holiday home is a fantastic investment!

On average, caravans can range in price from £4,000 to as much as £26,000+; so it’s important to think carefully before signing on the dotted line. If you’re sat on the fence as to whether you want to part ways with your hard earned cash on a new vehicle, here are some good reasons why it could be one of the best investments you ever make:

Lifelong happiness

It might sound corny but it’s true: caravans can provide you and your family with a lifetime of glorious holidays, fabulous mini breaks and plenty of laughter and memories. If you think about how much an average annual all-inclusive holiday might cost and then consider that you need to save that amount of money each time you want to go away, it’s a no brainer. Rather than just having a holiday, enjoying it and then moving on, caravans provide a lifetime of holidays with an average vehicle lifetime spanning almost 20 years.

Rental opportunities

If you’re looking to make some of your investment back after buying your static home or caravan, why not consider renting it out during the holidays? Whether it’s for a few weeks a year or even on a part-time ownership agreement with friends or family, sharing your caravan with others can mean it doesn’t sit unused for long periods of time which might make your investment feel a tad extravagant.

Cheaper breaks

Because most tourers and caravans come fully equipped with kitchens and dining areas, you can save money on your holiday by feeding the family “at home” as opposed to dining out at expensive restaurants or paying full-board at hotels during peak times. On average, caravan users saved around £80,000 over their holiday-lifetimes, according to The Caravan Club; imagine what else that could be spent on?!


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