5 Reasons To Have a Caravan Holiday in Spring


Spring is a beautiful time of year to take a break in your caravan. It’s a great opportunity to dust off the cobwebs and get out in the fresh air as the clocks change and the days start to get lighter. So why is this such a great time to get away with your caravan?

Test Run For Summer

If you take a mini break with your caravan in the Spring you can use it as a test run for longer Summer trips. It’s your first opportunity to get the covers off, spring clean and spruce up after the Winter period. It’s a good time to get your touring caravan serviced, the tyres checked and renewed if required and ensure everything is in working order with no damp areas. Our expert servicing team can advise you on any works required so issues identified can be rectified in good time for your Summer getaway.

Great Pitches

Generally caravan sites will be less crowded in the Spring. There will be enough people to be sociable with if you’d like others to talk to but not so many you feel overwhelmed. You’ll have the pick of the pitches on a site so you can park your caravan exactly where you choose. Plus, you will pay cheaper park fees during the Spring season than in Summer as it is still considered off peak.

Beautiful Scenery

Spring is a very beautiful season with the trees coming into blossom and the daffodils and crocuses bringing some much needed colour to the year. The British bluebell displays are simply stunning and here for such a short time span it would be a shame to miss them. If you’re caravanning in Sussex then the Arlington Bluebell Walk and Farm Trail is highly recommended – do remember to take your camera! Misty mornings make for interesting and often spectacular views whilst the sunsets can be just as breathtaking.

Wonderful Wildlife

If you’re a hardened caravanner then you’ll be used to lighting the citronella candles in the Summer to ward off the insects. These candles aren’t required if you take a break in the Spring as it’s too early in the year for the insects, so you can enjoy an insect free getaway. What you will be able to enjoy are the baby lambs froliking in the fields – Saddlescombe Farm in Sussex only holds two open days a year, one of which is in April to see the newborn lambs and is well worth a visit. The birds are also now out in earnest as nesting season officially started on March 1st, so you could enjoy some bird watching from your caravan during your break.

The Great British Weather

Whilst the British weather can be unreliable it is generally starting to warm up once we reach Spring, so you can enjoy better temperatures when away with your caravan. You might need some heating on in the caravan in the evenings but the days are getting warmer. We do see some rain but we also have more sunny days, so take advantage and get away whilst the air is fresh, the breeze is light and the days are getting longer.

Your caravan gives you the opportunity to explore new places whatever the weather so please don’t just keep it for the Summer months, think about using it in the Spring and Autumn as well so you really get reap the benefit of being a caravan owner.
If you’d like some advice on getting your caravan ready to take away or you need to book your touring caravan in for a service, please come and visit us in Southwater, West Sussex or call us on 01403 730218. We’ll also be able to advise you if you’re considering upgrading from your current caravan.

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