Your summer caravan essentials – what to take to ensure a great trip away

Caravan holiday

If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable and child friendly summer holiday, a caravan getaway could be the perfect option for your family.

Whether you want to go near or far, for just a weekend or a few weeks, there are hundreds of campsites and caravan parks around the UK and abroad to enjoy. Many offer great scenery and a range of activities for all ages.

If you’re heading off on your trip soon make sure it’s a successful and stress free experience by having all of the essentials you need. This will allow you to relax and spend quality time together as a family.

Caravan Accessories

Firstly make sure you have got all of your essential caravan accessories. These things are of utmost importance for a smooth running trip.

  1. Refillable gas bottleit’s always a good idea to buy two so that you’re never left without gas.
  2. Water carrier – We recommend you get a container with wheels as this will allow you to easily roll the water to and from the site’s supply.
  3. Mains kit – If you want electricity whilst you’re away then this is a must have, allowing you to connect to the sites electricity supply.
  4. Leisure battery – Ideal for caravans because they supply a lower current over an extended period of time to enable TVs, lights and water pumps to operate sufficiently.
  5. Caravan step – This always makes life easier. If you have younger children, it’s a must.
  6. Caravan jack – For use in the event of breakdown.
  7. Wheel blocks – It is possible you may have to pitch up on uneven terrain. If this is the case, these will keep you level and safe.
  8. Camping light – Don’t forget LED bulbs are much more energy efficient.
  9. TV antenna – You never know when you’ll want to sit back and relax, or when the weather may make an evening in very appealing.
  10. Smoke detector and Carbon Monoxide detector – The standard safety measures that you cannot forget to include.
  11. Fire extinguisher – No excuses, fire extinguishers are an essential item for all caravans.

Other essentials and entertainment

Weather protection

Don’t let the changing weather get you down; make sure you are prepared for all weathers with waterproofs, wellies and umbrellas for when it rains and hats and sun cream for the best of British weather or trips abroad.

Food supply

It’s always good to bring along a few essential food items and snacks, especially if you are quite particular about what you eat and are heading abroad where you may not be used to the local cuisine. This way you can relax a bit more when you arrive and don’t have to panic about going straight out to find food. A few cereal bars and non-perishables will be enough.


Take your bikes along with you and you will be able to get out and explore the area in an active, fun and healthy way. You won’t have to worry about hiring any bicycles that will be unfamiliar and the whole family can enjoy some exercise whilst seeing the sights. It’s a cost-effective way to travel even further into your destination.


There is just something about enjoying a family game of snakes and ladders or snap in a caravan. Pack a few games that you can play on a rainy day or in the evening to unwind after a big day out. Just make sure you’ve packed games you all enjoy so no one is left out.

Need some help getting your crucial items together? Pop into our accessories shop where our expert staff will be on hand to guide you when purchasing accessories and spares for your caravan.

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