Holiday Homes – The Perfect Option for Self-Builders

Holiday Homes – The Perfect Option for Self-Builders


Knowing you’re going to get a home exactly how you want it is one of the reasons the number of people taking on self-build projects is ever increasing. However, in all the excitement it can sometimes be easy to overlook one important aspect – where are you going to live whilst the work takes place?

Staying put in your current home is often not an option as money tied up there is needed to complete the new build. Depending on the size of your family, renting can be costly with the price for a three bed house coming in upwards of £1,300 a month in the South East. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a small fortune stashed in the bank, buying a stop gap property outright won’t be a realistic alternative either.  Therefore, living on site in a holiday home could be the perfect solution, and here we answer some of the questions people may have.

Why is a holiday home a good idea?
The first thing to think about is the cost. Whilst your build is happening you will need somewhere to live and many people think that either buying a stop gap property, or renting are the only available options. However, with new two-bedroom holiday homes starting from £22,995 and used from as little as £4,995, purchasing a holiday home from us could save you thousands of pounds.  But the benefits are not just about money. This option also allows you to live on site and ensure work on your new home is going as you would expect.

My family could be living in it for up to a year, so will we be comfortable?
The image of old static caravans with 1970s style furnishings and fittings is extremely outdated. With the majority of holiday homes coming with double glazing and central heating for warmth during the winter months on site, as well as fitted kitchens, showers, ensuite bathrooms and spacious rooms, today’s holidays home have moved on dramatically and do offer home from home comfort.  Take a look at the virtual tour of the Abi Clarendon model to see how times have changed.

How do I get it onto my site?
That’s simple. When purchasing a holiday home from us, we will ensure it is delivered and sited ready for you to occupy. One bit of simple advice is to plan the location carefully, so that once your new build is complete, there is ample room for it to be easily collected and taken away.

What do I do with it once my new home is built?
One additional benefit is you can sell your holiday home on without having to incur estate agent and solicitor fees that come with selling a property. We’re happy to buy back (subject to condition) the holiday home you purchased from us, and we guarantee to ensure you receive a fair and honest price.

If you’re taking on a self-build project and would like to investigate the option of purchasing a holiday home to live in on site, you can view details of the wide range of new and used holiday homes we have for sale here.

Please don’t hesitate to pay us a visit where our knowledgeable team will be happy to offer advice.

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