Our top 10 accessories for the first time caravanner

With more and more people deciding ‘staycations’ are the way forward, the popularity of the caravan is on the rise, particularly now we’re enjoying some of the warmest weather we’ve seen for many years. As people head off on their summer holidays – many for the first time with a caravan –  so we’re taking a look at the top 10 accessories every caravanner needs!

  1. Aquaroll – An Aquaroll is a portable water carrier that rolls along the ground enabling you to easily transport fresh water to your caravan.
  2. Wastemaster – To go alongside the Aquaroll, the Wastemaster allows you to collect and easily dispose of used water.
  3. Leisure battery – A leisure battery can help bring in the creature comforts as it is the power source for all 12V appliances, such as the kettle, TV, oven and lights. The battery is not usually supplied with a new caravan so don’t forget to pick one up.
  4. Hitch lock – We stock AL-KO hitch locks which act as deterrents to theft and are required security devices from insurance companies.
  5. Mirrors for car – It is a legal requirement to fit towing mirrors if your caravan is wider than the rear of your vehicle. Without adding mirrors, you could face a fine of up to £1,000 and receive three points added to your driving licence.
  6. Wheel clamps – Wheel clamps are additional anti-theft devices which insurance companies insist on your having to receive cover. They fit over the wheel and stop it from being towed away.
  7. Chemical toilet fluid – Chemical fluids will not only help with smells, but will also break down waste.
  8. Gas bottles – We would recommend having two Propane Calor Gas bottles, so you have a back-up if you get low. Before using your gas, please take note of the safety requirements.
  9. Awning – An awning can double your living space so it has particular benefits for families. We stock top quality Air Awnings from Kampa, which are inflatable making them simple and quick to erect.
  10. Good quality camping chairs – Ok, so maybe they aren’t an essential, but one of the many pleasures of a caravan holiday is relaxing and watching the world go by, so why not do that in comfort!

We have a large shop on our Southwater showground, which stocks all the above accessories and much more. Our team is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and will be happy to help with anything you need. You can find out more about our accessories shop here.

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