Six reasons why annual servicing is essential for your caravan

With long summer days drawing to a close, many caravanners are preparing for the winter months. This is the perfect time to perform essential maintenance tasks, and perhaps the most vital obligation of any touring caravan owner is booking a professional annual service. Here we look at six reasons why you should book your service without delay.

  1. It’s your Legal obligation – As the owner of a touring caravan you have a legal obligation to ensure your vehicle is fit for the road. A routine annual servicing is essential to guarantee your caravan is road-safe. Brakes, wheels, tyres and TYRON safety bands can be professionally inspected, and spare wheels checked, making sure your road trips are safe and stress free.
  2. Sophisticated technology requires rigorous checks – The advanced technology now found in caravans means it is more important than ever to get a full annual service to ensure everything runs smoothly. Even a basic caravan servicing is comprised of over 60 tasks. Using a reputable, NCC approved servicer will leave you safe in the knowledge that your caravan is being well cared for.
  3. Regular servicing ensures the safety of you and your family – Failing to book an annual service means dangerous faults and failures in fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms may go undetected.
  4. You’ll make the most of your caravan in the summer months ­– With British summers forecast to get longer and hotter, there’s never been a better time to own a caravan. However, a caravan that is not well looked after during the winter may develop faults which can cut your summer holidays short and require great expense to fix. January is the best month to service a caravan, so ensure that reputable workshops are not fully booked, it is advised that you book your annual service in early autumn.
  5. Your caravan’s resale value will be optimised – If a time comes when you decide to sell your caravan, a full service history will reassure potential buyers that your caravan is mechanically sound. Furthermore, an annual service can detect and undertake repairs of serious problems such as damp – the biggest value changer in the sale of touring caravans – before they become untreatable.
  6. Your warranties and insurance policy will be protected – Caravan owners should be aware that many manufacturers will not honour warranties unless a caravan has been annually serviced within the recommended time limits. Similarly, insurance companies will assess service history when assessing a claim. Trying to solve problems with your caravan by ‘tinkering’ with the mechanics at home can also make your insurance and warranty invalid. Therefore, to ensure you get the help you need if something does go wrong, book your annual service this autumn.

Is your caravan due a service?

Roundstone Caravans’ servicing and repairs department is second to none. Our team of highly trained caravan technicians operate in state-of-the-art workshops, meaning we can offer a full annual service, as well as being able to undertake more specialised and complex repairs if needed. And we’re NCC approved, giving you peace of mind that your caravan is in safe hands. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to book your caravan’s annual service today.

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