Our top 10 accessories for the first time caravanner

With more and more people deciding ‘staycations’ are the way forward, the popularity of the caravan is on the rise, particularly now we’re enjoying some of the warmest weather we’ve seen for many years. As people head off on their summer holidays – many for the first time with a caravan –  so we’re taking […]

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Fantastic Offer on all NEW ADRIA Touring Caravans

Fantastic New Offer on all NEW ADRIA TOURING CARAVANS FREE Powrtouch Classic Mover on all New Adria Touring Caravans For a limited time only we are offering a free Powrtouch Motor Mover on all our stock of new Adria Touring Caravans. The Powrtouch Classic Mover is worth £899 fully fitted. The Powrtouch Classic caravan mover […]

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Holiday Homes – The Perfect Option for Self-Builders

Holiday Homes – The Perfect Option for Self-Builders   Knowing you’re going to get a home exactly how you want it is one of the reasons the number of people taking on self-build projects is ever increasing. However, in all the excitement it can sometimes be easy to overlook one important aspect – where are […]

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taking your caravan abroad

Top ten tips for taking your caravan abroad

The joy of owning a caravan is that you can take it almost anywhere and with a little bit of preparation you can set off for foreign shores and explore further afield than just the UK. Europe and beyond is accessible with your caravan and you can travel as far you fancy! When you are […]

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Why choose an Adria touring caravan?

Here at Roundstone Caravans we have been selling Adria touring caravans for a number of years and they are very popular with clients either looking to upgrade or purchase a caravan for the first time. But why are the Adria touring caravans so popular and rank so highly in caravan reviews? Well, Adria have been […]

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Our top tips for towing your caravan

If you are a new caravan owner the thought of towing your caravan for the first few trips can be quite daunting. We’ve put together our top tips to help you with this and if you’d like some practical hands on assistance, please do visit us in Southwater, Sussex and we’ll be happy to help […]

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