New 2017 Adrias We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of the first batch of 2017 Adria Touring Caravans. In stock and ready to view now are the: Adria Altea Trent 552 UP Stunning new 4 Berth tourer with advanced panoramic window Adria Altea Eden 472 New 5 berth tourer again with advanced panoramic window […]

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Caravan in Winter

​Look after your caravan this winter

The leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the fireworks are in the shops and there is a distinct chill in the air. That means it’s the end of the caravanning season and time to start thinking about putting your caravan away for the colder months. But it’s not just as simple as parking […]

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Static tourer at holiday park

Is buying a holiday home a good investment?

Are you considering buying a holiday home? Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of owning a smart tourer or a static caravan? We wouldn’t blame you; here at Roundstone, we obviously think that investing in a caravan-shaped holiday home is a fantastic investment! On average, caravans can range in price from £4,000 to as much as £26,000+; […]

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New Adria caravan model 2017

Introducing the new Adria 2017 collection

It was always going to be headline news in the caravanning world when Adria launched their new caravan range for 2017. Once again, we were invited to attend the presentation on the 20th July and would like to report to you the highlights of the show. In order to make the most of the special […]

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Family having a picnic outside their caravan

How to make the most of your caravan this summer

Finally; summer is here! With Britain enjoing a mini heatwave over the past few days, there’s never been a better time to plan your next getaway in your beloved caravan or tourer. At Roundstone Caravans, we know that the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to truly make the most out of your vehicle and […]

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New Roundstone Caravans showroom in Southwater

Roundstone Caravans has had a revamp!

If you’re a regular visitor to Roundstone Caravans, you might be delighted to hear that our upstairs showroom has recently undergone a bit of a makeover! What’s new? The refurb, which took two days, is perfectly timed with our busy Summer season and features two brand new Kampa inflatable air awnings – Kampa Rally Air […]

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Car towing caravan into sunset

Top tips when buying your first caravan

With Summer just around the corner and warmer weather on the way, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about buying your first caravan. It’s a big investment – both financially and practically and certainly isn’t a commitment to take lightly. Here are our top tips for those looking to buy their first […]

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Roundstone Caravans forecourt

Getting to know us

With more than 80 years under our belt, Roundstone Caravans has a pretty rich history when it comes to caravanning. We thought it only right to give you an insight into how we came about, how Roundstone has grown over the years and what stands us apart from the crowd when it comes to buying […]

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